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Providing a foundation for moving teams.

By just starting the BMG Certification process we can immediately help to create revenue, simplify your daily work routine, give you access to group benefits, and assess your business distinct needs.

BMG through our network of associated suppliers can offer your customers Long distance moving services, portable storage services, self storage services and packing supplies.

The BMG Certification process will start assessing your business needs using a standardized framework.  

Let us help reduce cost through group benefits, offer better moving sales practices, increase employee satisfaction, customer follow up, CRM and referral process.

BMG through our network of associated suppliers can offer a discount on an industry leading Daily dispatch system to help manage all your moving jobs and resources. 

So customers have the best experience.

Better Mover Group sets the Standard for Excellence!  Our standard of excellence is maintained by routinely set evaluations and customer feedback for all our BMG Movers.  Although we are not a disciplinary group or direct advocate for consumers, we will take action if any member does not comply with our strict policies.  How do we create consumer assurance?

  • BMG requires transparency and accountability of pricing and services for every mover
  • BMG requires a consistency of services on move day
  • BMG requires customer follow up 
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