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Q- How do I pick a mover/ moving company?

A- Always a great idea to ask friends and family about their past moving experiences. Make sure to check reviews/ testimonials about movers. 

Its a good idea to do a little background check on movers because you are entrusting your most prized possessions to their care.


Q- Tips about packing.

A- Most moving companies offer packing services so please ask during your conversation with the relocation specialist either on the phone or during your in home estimate. If you choose to pack on your own, we always encourage our customers to purchase strong moving boxes to prevent damages. Always label clearly with a black marker on all sides of the boxes to which room the boxes will be going, saving you time and money.


Q- Can I pack stuff in my dresser/cabinet drawers?

A- No, you never want to pack your drawers with stuff, because the movers may have to tip it on end to remove item from home.

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Q- What type of insurances will the movers have?

A- There is 3 distinct insurances movers offer. 

1) Liability insurance


3) Optional valuation 


Q- When is the best time to move?

A- The busiest time of the year for mover’s starts in May and ends in September. If you are planning to move during the peak season, it’s always a good idea to plan and book ahead once you have your move date set.

We recommend 4-6weeks booking a mover prior to your relocation.


Q- What should I do about my pets on move day?

A- Always a good idea on move day to have all pets removed from home or locked up in a safe location with water and food. 


Q-How do I prepare my home for the movers?

A- 1st clear all small items from high traffic areas where the movers will be in and out with heavy furniture in their hands. For example: Shoes, hanging pictures and area rugs etc..

If it is winter season have your walkways and driveway shovelled.

Q- Its move day, what should I be doing?

A- When your movers arrive, they will knock on your door and introduce themselves and ask for a walk through of the home to establish a clear understanding of what’s going and staying.

At this time it is best to indicate to your movers about special items, which may need more care during relocation.


Q- We are now in our new home and the moving truck is on the way. How do I get ready for them?

A- Visualize where your furniture will be going and stand at a safe location at your front door directing the movers on where items are going.


Q- What do we do at the end?

Always do a walkthrough once your move is completed with the movers to ensure all belongings are in place and service is satisfactory.

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