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Families with Confidence!

Let the professionals at Better Movers Group get to know your story, and put our network of relocation experts into action to safely and effectively move your home. Whether your moving around the corner, or across the country, BMG certified relocation experts will deliver your belongings, home!

Our comprehensive BMG Relocation Program determines exactly what your moving needs are, establishes both the mover and the customers roles, delivers out a transparent moving plan, and then delivers a quality relocation.  Simple, call or email now!

We are here to help make your move easy and painless call 1-844-859-MOVE (6683) or click below to get started.

What we do.

By having our members complete their BMG Certification, we help create successful moving companies and associated suppliers delivering a higher level of service.

Who we are.

An organization with over 25 years in logistics and household moving, seeking to create a higher level of service and consumer protection.

Why it matters.

Canadians are moving more than ever, with over 28% of our population moving every 5 years. We as Canadians deserve to have the highest level of confidence for the services we require.

Some of our approved BMG members.

Some of our approved BMG members.